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Theorem Paintings by American Folk Artist Nancy Rosier of Williamsburg Virginia

Artist Nancy Rosier

American Folk Art Paintings

American Folk Artist by Nancy Rosier is a nationally recognized artist on theorem paintings which are considered historically based traditional American Folk Art.  Many magazines, newspapers, and several books have featured her work.  She has been interviewed often and asked to write numerous “how to” articles. Her work is exhibited and sold at fine-juried shows across the country.  She has been selected each year for over twenty years as a member of the nationally acclaimed “Directory of Traditional American Crafts” which showcases America’s finest artisans who are dedicated to preserving the early American crafts. Decorate your home with primitive museum quality paintings.

What Are Theorem Painting?

Theorem painting (meaning painting with the aid of stencils) is considered traditional folk art. It was popular in the 1800s. Theorem painting is most often done on white velvet fabric, which gives the painting a soft, lovely depth. Fruit and floral arrangements are the most popular subjects, but scenes were sometimes done.  Each painting is mounted in a handcrafted false grained frame, or historic gold frames.

Creating a Theorem Painting by American Folk Artist Nancy Rosier

American Folk Artist Nancy Rosier will be attending the 2021 Zoar Harvest Festival

The Artisans Tent at Zoar Ohio

The Zoar Harvest Festival 2021 will be here before you know it so please mark July 31th & August 1st of 2021 on your calendar. Located in Zoar Ohio.

Bedminster Traditional Artisan Show - Doylestown PA

Bedminster Traditional Artisan Show

The Bedminster Traditional Artisan Show  is scheduled for September 25th & 26th, 2021.  The show has over 35 of the top American Folk Artists.

What are theorem paintings - video by Laura Pass Barry - Colonial WilliamsburgWhat Are Theorem Paintings

By Laura Pass Barry - Curator Colonial Williamsburg

This is a great Video on the art of theorem paintings.

Interior Designer Anthony Baratta

Anthony Baratta

Interior Designer

Anthony Baratta Interior Designer

Nancy Rosier contemporary theorem painting artist and renowned Americana interior designer Anthony Baratta are at the Palmer House in Colonial Williamsburg.  Baratta is the designer in residence there.  They are standing in front of two theorem paintings done by Nancy Rosier.

Early American Life Magazine - August 2018 Directory Edition

Early American Life

Directory of Traditional American Crafts

Directory of American Crafts

She has been selected each year for over twenty years as a member of the nationally acclaimed “Directory of Traditional American Crafts” which showcases America’s finest artisans who are dedicated to preserving the early American crafts.

Theorem Painting Exhibit - Colonial Williamsburg - Nancy Rosier

Colonial Williamsburg Exhibit

2016 it opened

Colonial Williamsburg Exhibit

In 2016 Colonial Williamsburg opened a new exhibit on theorem paintings at their folk art museum.  Nancy Rosier was filmed demonstrating the art of theorem painting which is featured in the exhibit as a video.

Colonial Williamsburg

Commissioned by Colonial Williamsburg

Williamsburg Lodge

Commissioned By Colonial Williamsburg

Nancy was commissioned and provided Colonial Williamsburg with thirty-three large paintings, which hang in the public and private spaces of the Williamsburg Lodge.

White House Christmas Tree - Theorem Artist Nancy Rosier

White House Christmas Tree

During Clinton Administration

White House Christmas Tree

Nancy’s work was among the few artists asked to contribute their art to decorating the Christmas White House during the Clinton administration.

Nancy Rosier Speaking at Colonial Williamsburg

Guest Speaker

Colonial Williamsburg 2007

Guest Speaker at Colonial Williamsburg

In 2007 Colonial Williamsburg requested Nancy to be a guest speaker and demonstrator at their symposium covering the subject of “Embroidered & Painted Arts of the New Republic”.


Extremely Pleased

Nancy   - I am extremely pleased with both theorems.  They appear better in front of me than in an internet image, although your website presentation is nonetheless quite good.. The colors are exceptionally vibrant as I had hoped they would appear.  I viewed quite a few images of rooster theorems by other artists and your interpretation of this classic folk subject sets a new standard that other artists will probably now strive to emulate. The Bountiful Harvest theorem is marvelous beyond words.   Regards, R. Lavallee

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