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American Folk Artist Nancy Rosier

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Theorem Painting Gallery

Welcome to my Theorem Painting Galleries!  I offer over 150 hand painted theorem paintings, mounted in a custom (Handcrafted) frame.  Theorem paintings were popular between 1810 and 1860, and are painted (Windsor Newton Oils) on a white cotton velvet fabric, using a stencil.  Everything from the painting to the frame is hand done.  Many of the painting are museum reproductions and my own designs.

New Galleries

I have setup a series of gallery organized by size.  The first gallery contains my largest painting, where gallery six contains my smallest paintings.  Within the gallery you will find a picture of each painting.  When you click on the painting you will be taken to and exploded view of the painting, size and pricing information, as well as a means to purchase the painting online using a secure PayPal app.  So enjoy my galleries and please send me anything that you think would make your shopping easier.