Gold Coach Painting by Theorem Paintings by American Folk Artist Nancy Rosier of Williamsburg Virginia

Small Gold Coach Painting #187B

Small Gold Coach Painting #187B Description: The Small Gold coach theorem painting was inspired by a painting found in the Colonial Williamsburg collection.  This theorem comes in two sizes, 8″x10″ and a 16″x20″.  The painting is like the coaches you see at Colonial Williamsburg today.  Husband Bill just loves the colors in this theorem. Number: […]

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Small Theorem with decorative basket by American Folk Artist Nancy Rosier Williamsburg VA

Whimsical Basket of Fruit #173

Whimsical Basket of Fruit Description: This whimsical basket of fruit… painting is a typical small theorem with the traditional basket of fruit. Number: 173 Price: $79.00 Glass Size: 5″ x 7″ – Framed Size: 8″ x 10″ Frame Type: Gold Frame Questions Call me at 757-565-1559 if you have any questions. Internet Orders We accept secure […]

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Theorem Painting Exhibit - Colonial Williamsburg - Nancy Rosier

Colonial Williamsburg Theorem Exhibit

Colonial Williamsburg Theorem ExhibitThe theorem painting exhibit opened in 2017 at the Dewitt Museum in Colonial Williamsburg.  The exhibit is titled: ” Color and Shape: The Art of the American Theorem”. We hope you enjoy the new exhibit on theorems as much as we did. The display video is by Nancy Rosier. Enjoy! About The […]

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Theorem Paintings by American Folk Artist Nancy Rosier of Williamsburg Virginia

Theorem Paintings by Nancy Rosier

Theorem Paintings by Nancy Rosier Hand Painted Traditional Theorems For Sale Nancy Rosier is one of the top theorem painters in the United States – Theorem painting (meaning painting with the aid of stencils) is considered traditional folk art. It was popular in the 1800s. Theorem painting is most often done on white velvet fabric, […]

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