Traditional Home Painting by Theorem Paintings by American Folk Artist Nancy Rosier of Williamsburg Virginia

House On Hill Painting – #237

House On the Hill Painting Description: The House on The Hill Painting is an original design by Nancy Rosier.  This painting is painted in oil on a cotton velveteen fabric with the use of a stencil.   Each painting is hand painted by American Folk Artist Nancy Rosier (follower Her on Facebook) of Williamsburg Virginia Number: 237 […]

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The Portage Bridge painting Letchworth Park by Nancy Rosier

Portage Bridge Letchworth Park – #214

Portage Bridge Letchworth Park – #214 Description: This painting of the Portage Bridge is based on a lithograph found in the museum at Letchworth Park NY and a oil painting found in the museum at Colonial Williamsburg Virginia. This theorem is adaptation of the Portage Bridge created by artist Nancy Rosier. Nancy and Bill got […]

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Bountiful Harvest Museum Reproduction by American Folk Artist Nancy Rosier

Bounteous Harvest Painting – #52

Explore the Artistry of Nancy Rosier: A Triumph in Bounteous Harvest Painting Immerse yourself in the grandeur of the Bounteous Harvest Painting, a museum adaptation crafted by the skilled hands of American Folk Artist Nancy Rosier, hailing from Williamsburg, Virginia. This masterpiece stands as a testament to ambition, not only in its impressive size but […]

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Museum Reproduction Theorem Painting by Nancy Rosier

Museum Reproduction Theorem Painting – #31

Museum Reproduction Theorem Painting – #31 Description: This is a typical theorem painting with a watermelon sitting on a marble slab. Very traditional theorem design.  Everything is hand done.  As with all my theorem paintings they are hand painted on a cotton velveteen fabric, in oil, with the use of a stencil. Number: 31 Price: […]

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theorem paintings by American Folk Artist Nancy Rosier

Gallery #3

Gallery #3 Welcome to Gallery #3 which features high quality museum reproductions on a cotton velveteen fabric or traditional American folk art by Nancy Rosier.  The glass size of the paintings in Gallery #3  range from 12″ x16″ to 12″ x 14″ but each comes with a hand crafted frame which increases the size of […]

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