Theorem Painting Exhibit - Colonial Williamsburg - Nancy Rosier

Colonial Williamsburg Theorem Exhibit

Colonial Williamsburg Theorem ExhibitThe theorem painting exhibit opened in 2017 at the Dewitt Museum in Colonial Williamsburg.  The exhibit is titled: ” Color and Shape: The Art of the American Theorem”. We hope you enjoy the new exhibit on theorems as much as we did. The display video is by Nancy Rosier. Enjoy! About The […]

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theorem paintings seminar at Colonial Williamsburg - American Folk Artist Nancy Rosier

Symposium at Colonial Williamsburg

Symposium at Colonial Williamsburg Speaker Nancy RosierNancy Rosier was one of the guest speaker at Colonial Williamsburg Symposium entitled “Remember me when this you see” Embroidered and Painted Arts of the New Republic.Colonial Williamsburg has asked Nancy to lecture and demonstrate the art of theorem painting at a four day symposuim that was held October 28-31, […]

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