j0434728Early American Life Magazine

Over the year’s the one publication that has really supported the American Folk Artist’s is Early American Life.  Early American Life Magazine highlights American Folk Art, traditional American homes, and traditional American Folk Art.


j0434728Directory of Traditional American Crafts

The Directory of Traditional American Crafts is an honor bestowed on a handful of artisans by Early American Life who work in traditional media, styles, and crafts. In addition the Directory is also a buying guide. It presents to you a selection of the best historically informed handwork in America today. The Directory will help you select the best furniture, pottery, ironwork, decorative objects, and more for period-correct decorating, collecting, or movie-making.

Selection Process

An artist who has been selected for the Directory has had his or her work thoroughly evaluated by a panel of experts. Because Directory artists so accurately replicate the styles and techniques of historic work, they might be mistaken for antiques. To assure this high-quality work is appreciated for the true quality of its modern craftsmanship, the Directory requires all work to be hallmarked.