• 1st Step - Line Drawing
  • Step 2 - Cut Stencils
  • Step 3 - Position Fabric
  • Step 4 - Apply Paint Through Stencil
  • Complete Fine Detail Work
  • Final Check and Small Brush Touchup
  • Mount in Hand Crafted Grained Frame

What are theorem paintings?

What areTheorem painting? (meaning painting with the aid of stencils) is considered traditional American folk art. It was popular in the 1800s. Theorem painting is most often done on white velvet fabric (Paintings on Fabric), which gives the painting a soft, lovely depth. Oil paint is presently used as it simulates the look of the antique theorems whose paint was hand mixed. Fruit and floral arrangements are the most popular subjects, but scenes were sometimes done.

What Are Theorem Paintings

By Laura Pass Barry - Curator Colonial Williamsburg

This is a great Video on the art of theorem paintings.

What are theorem paintings - video by Laura Pass Barry - Colonial Williamsburg