1600w-artsign1The Art of the American Theorem

New exhibit opening at the Art Museums of Colonial Williamsburg titled: ” Color and Shape: The Art of the American Theorem”.  We hope you enjoy the new exhibit on theorems as much as we did. 




1600w-photo-shoot-setupVideo Taping Theorem Painting Process

I was asked by Laura P Barry, associate curator at Colonial Williamsburg to illustrate how a theorem is painted. Colonial Williamsburg has a fine filming department so I was filmed there. The video we produced this past summer is approximately three minutes long and  is part of the exhibit in the Guyton Gallery.



900w-nancy-by-caseTheorem Exhibit Colonial Williamsburg

The exhibit mainly consists of antique theorems that are a part of their collection. The subjects of theorems were mostly fruit and floral still life. They were usually painted on cream colored cotton velveteen fabric. Theorems are executed with the aid of hand cut stencils.


900w-nancys-name-screen-shoMy Involvement in the Exhibit

My involvement in the exhibit is the video which shows how I, as a contemporary folk artist paints theorems today.




Theorems on Exhibit

The theorem paintings shown below represent the original theorem painting on exhibit at the Art Museum in Colonial Williamsburg.  Just click on the theorem paintings shown below for more information on theorems and the theorem exhibit at the Colonial Williamsburg Art Museum.

Twisted Bird Theorem Painting by American Folk Artist Nancy Rosier

Reproduction by Nancy Rosier

Twisted Bird Theorem painting being featured at the Art Museum in Colonial Williamsburg

Colonial Williamsburg Exhibit – Twisted Bird Theorem







Reproduction by Nancy Rosier

Theorem Painting on Exhibit at the Art Museum in Colonial Williamsburg

New Exhibit at Colonial Williamsburg on Theorem Painting







Theorem painting by Nancy Rosier of Williamsburg Virginia

Reproduction by Nancy Rosier









Reproduction by Nancy Rosier

Colonial Williamsburg Museum Collection

Colonial Williamsburg Museum Collection